For the period of:

July 15 to Aug. 15

Total Calls: 204

EMS: 127

Fire/service: 32

Other: 45

July 18

Key Peninsula Fire crews responded to a two vehicle collision late Friday night. The collision involved a truck and an SUV, and blocked one lane of SR-302 in Wauna for about an hour. Two people were transported to area hospitals for treatment and a third was believed to be involved but fled the scene. Washington State Patrol is investigating.

July 19

Key Peninsula Firefighters responded to an RV fire just off SR-302 at 118 Avenue. The fire initially threatened a nearby wooded area but was controlled before a brush fire started. The RV had a full-time resident living in at who was believed to be gone at the time of the fire. The incident caused a closure of SR-302 for about 45 minutes. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

July 24

Key Peninsula Firefighters responded to an automatic medical alarm. The alarm was activated when an elderly Longbranch man fell and needed help getting up. The man had rib pain but was otherwise uninjured and remained at home.

Aug. 5

Key Peninsula Firefighters responded to assist the Pierce County Sheriff Department early Thursday morning. A deputy was on scene of a downed tree across 118th Avenue NW that had come down and hit a car. The driver of the car was shaken but uninjured and refused any medical aid. The remainder of the tree was cut and moved, and the road opened.

Aug. 6

Key Peninsula Firefighters responded to a report of an illegal burn in the Minterwood area. A fire was found in the back of a residence that appeared attended and it was put out by the resident after being educated on the burn ban and burn regulations.

Aug. 11

Key Peninsula Firefighters responded to reports of an elderly Lakebay man trapped on his roof. The man was painting and had been on the roof for about two hours and felt unsafe climbing down. The man was assisted to the ground by one firefighter while another held the ladder.

Aug 12

Key Peninsula Firefighters responded to a 21-year-old man with a history of cancer who had a leg removed last year. The man developed abdominal pain and leg swelling the past week. The man was transported to a Tacoma area hospital for treatment and evaluation.