The Board of Fire Commissioners for the Key Peninsula Fire Department would like to congratulate and welcome 13 new volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to our department. We recognize the hard work it takes to graduate from the academy, and appreciate your service to save lives and property in our community.

Our department relies on a balance of full-time and volunteer firefighter/EMTs to respond to emergency calls in our community. These new recruits will double the number of volunteers we have serving the public.

In addition, one full-time firefighter/EMT started in January, and two more will begin with the department in mid-August, making a total of three full-time positions to improve our emergency response. Two more full-time emergency personnel will be hired in 2014, as well.

We will be analyzing data over the next few months and report back on how emergency response times have improved. This was our commitment to the public, and we appreciate their support that makes this possible.

Ray Lamoureux, Chair

Board of Fire Commissioners

Key Peninsula Fire Department