Glen Erhardt and his wife, Deb. Courtesy Glen Erhardt

The three Rotary Clubs in Gig Harbor hold an annual event, Star of the Year Awards, to honor three non-Rotarians who exemplify the motto “service above self.” This year the Gig Harbor Midday Club will honor Key Peninsula resident Glen Erhardt for his efforts to start and support the Red Barn Youth Center.

“While this is an individual award, I see it more as an award for the Red Barn and the board of directors and front line staff; they just chose me as spokesman,” Erhardt said. “I feel like my quest is to place the Red Barn in front of a larger audience outside the Key Peninsula. This award is an answer to that quest.”

Erhardt will receive the award Feb. 3 at an awards dinner from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Canterwood Golf and Country Club in Gig Harbor. Other extraordinary citizens being honored at the event are Annette and Frank Bannon and Dr. Robert Yancey.

Erhardt said, “This is a real opportunity to showcase the Red Barn. It is such a blessing. We are serving an average of 50 kids a day, so we are having to grow, and to support that growth, we will need support from a larger source.”

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