The Key Peninsula News has been published more or less continuously, in one form or another, by the KP Civic Center since 1974. Only now, following the launch of our new website in August, will the complete history of the KP News—and the Key Peninsula over the last 44 years or so—be available to the public.

Since early last year, Ted Olinger and Joseph Pentheroudakis have spent hundreds of hours working to collect, scan and archive every article, photograph, advertisement and edition published in the KP News since its inception. The result can be viewed on this website; just click through to annual archives to take a trip into the peninsula’s recent past to places and people you may well recognize.

Indexing this wealth of information is the next challenge. A searchable directory of the archives will add another layer of value to this resource.

The earliest entry so far dates from the Key Peninsula Newsletter of May 1976, but staff continue to search library archives, attics and garages for missing editions. If you have any, please consider loaning them to us to copy.

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