Stephanie Galindo’s book “The Cat Lover’s Guide to
Finding Your Own Home,” has just been published.
She lives at Lake Minterwood and is a former KP News
staff member. Photo by Colleen Slater

Stephanie Galindo, former staff member of the Key Peninsula News, is celebrating the publication of her new book, “The Cat Lover’s Guide to finding Your Own Home.”

“I wanted to write about something that would really be helpful to people who love animals,” she says, and wanted to include a lot of photos, especially of her own cats, Angel, Lovers, Mollee, Skittle, and Taslin.

“I think all cats deserve a great home, and so do all cat lovers. All people with pets!” Galindo says.

This book, available in print or as an e-book, is a full color guide to help pet lovers prepare to finance, select and purchase their first home. Galindo moved 1,200 miles from California to Lake Minterwood to purchase her first home. The book is based on what she learned in the process of that purchase. Worksheets, links, resources, online forms, help with number crunching are all in there with lots of stories about the process, as well as tips for pet lovers.

Her book is the only one of its kind, Realtor and veterinarian approved, Galindo says.

Her online site, , carries The Cat Lover’s Guide as print or e-book, The Pet Lover’s Guide to Finding Your Own Home, and e-book, and The Cat Lover’s House Hunting Kit that includes the first book as well as popular cat accessories. The Cat Lover’s Guide and House Hunting Kit are also available at , and will be available in selected shops and bookstores soon.

Galindo, a professional photographer whose specialty is pet portraits, shares cat photos at . A percentage of each sitting fee is contributed to Purrfect Pals, a charity run by volunteers that provides life-long care and adoption services for cats.

She writes and volunteers for pet-centric nonprofit organizations, and contributes to a variety of animal and environmental charities.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of her books will go to a compassionate animal charity or a shelter.

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