The Key Peninsula Youth Council, created earlier this year under the auspices of the Key Peninsula Community Council, are developing a survey of priorities to be conducted in December at the Key Peninsula Middle School and Peninsula High School. Student participation in the survey will give the youth council information about what their Key Peninsula peers want to occur in their communities.

The council is comprised of students from both schools and is guided by the KP Community Council’s Human Services Committee. Students from all grades were selected, based on their interest in civic involvement, a proven history of responsibility, and good character.

The Key Peninsula Community Council recognizes the need for Key Peninsula youth to have a voice in peninsula issues, said committee Chair Barb Trotter.  The youth council may also identify community projects they could pursue with the community council’s assistance.

The 13 members of the Key Peninsula Youth Council are Nater Youngchild, PHS, grade 10; Elizabeth Soule, PHS, grade 11; Nicole Rodman, PHS, grade 10; Aaron Love, PHS, grade 10; Veronica Farley, KPMS, grade 8; Nick Fandel, PHS, grade 10; Joel Fandel, KPMS, grade 8; Kayla Erickson, KPMS, grade 8; Jamie Clark, PHS, grade 11; Lennon Chalk, KPMS, grade 8; Keifer Chalk, KPMS, grade 8; Amy Bloch, KPMS, grade 8; and Sarah Baum, PHS, grade 9. Their advisers are Trotter and Terry Fandel, with administrative support from Dennis Taylor of Safe Streets. The council meets monthly at Peninsula High School.

Council members designed their own T-shirts with an original logo created by members Aaron Love and Jamie Clark. All members were present at the KPCC November public meeting, where they introduced themselves. Trotter and Fandel said they believe these young people are the community leaders of tomorrow, and what they are doing and learning today, through involvement and commitment, will benefit us all in the future.