There was a lot of great information about crime on the KP in the January edition of the Key Peninsula News, but only six residents showed up to the community crime-prevention meeting, held by Safe Streets and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, last fall. I was very disappointed in the turnout, as were the organizers, who wondered whether it’s worthwhile having another one.

We as a community need to have these meetings and have people show up to help combat criminal activity on the Key Peninsula. We all see posts on Facebook complaining about local crime, yet no one shows up for meetings or calls in suspicious activity—they just post on social media to complain.

We need to get involved to find a solution.

RoxAnne Simon of Safe Streets has been instrumental in showing community members the best ways to protect their property and curb criminal activity.

We need to be the eyes and ears for law enforcement. There are many different watch groups for different neighborhoods. Write down days, times, plate numbers and descriptions of vehicles or people. Call in anything that looks suspicious, whether it turns out to be or not. The more calls to 911, whether an emergency or not (just say “non emergency”), the more sheriffs will be assigned out here. Make criminals aware they are being watched, but don’t take it to the point of becoming a vigilante: That’s not wanted or needed.

Show law enforcement that we are here to help them.

Tawnya Pregler, Minterwood


For more information, contact: RoxAnne Simon of Safe Streets at 253-272-6824 or; Property Crimes Unit at 253-798-4722; Nuisance Property Ordinance at 253-798-4636; Pierce County Sheriff non emergency number 253-798-4721.
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