Members of the Key Peninsula Lions Club recently presented the “Going Blind” documentary to a group of seniors at the Gig Harbor Boys & Girls Club. Photo by Hugh McMillan, KP News


During the Lions International convention in Seattle three years ago, George Robison, then president of the Key Peninsula Lions Club, and his wife, Cindy, attended a showing of “Going Blind,” a documentary film.

It proved to be so informative for those who might be afflicted with vision impediments that they approached and received unanimous approval of the KP Lions board to purchase a copy.

The Lions have shown the movie free of charge to audiences, including gratis at the Uptown Galaxy Theaters last month.

Last month, the KP Lions also presented the movie to seniors at the Senior Center in the Gig Harbor Boys & Girls Club. Those who attended were impressed and provided comments with the hope they will encourage others to watch it and be on the alert for what can be done to save sight.

All photography in “Going Blind” is documentary style and helps those who have had vision loss to cope with the condition.

Former Gig Harbor Mayor Gretchen Wilbert recommended the film to be shown to the staff of the Boys & Girls Club to bring awareness of some learning difficulties to some of their young members.

“I’m hopeful children will see this film with their parents and grandparents,” Wilbert said.

Boys & Girls Club program coordinator Joyce Schultz said it was a wonderful movie and can help anyone losing their sight. “It showed how we as human beings can overcome obstacles if we so choose,” she said.

Rosemary York, 80, enjoyed the presentation. She is in the process of getting eye treatment now.

“This movie helped me accept the conclusion reached in my last meeting with the doctor. Structuring a positive future for me is what I experienced seeing this movie,” York said.

Jane Allen feels it would be of great benefit for people to move past this fear and to get educated by this film.

“This presentation truly was informative. My hope is for many more people of all age groups to attend this presentation. There are too many misconceptions that need to be clarified. Time to come out of the dark and see the light,” she said.

For information or to arrange a free showing of “Going Blind,” contact KP Lions president Neal P. Van Der Voorn at or George Robison at (253) 853-2721.

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