I have done many things as a journalist.

I have seen everything from vehicle and plane crashes, to gunshot victims, house fires, et cetera.

I have been to cancer wards, hospital beds and homes where hope and faith were all people had to hold on to.

I have written and photographed people at their best and at their worse, for some 25 years.

The one thing I have never done (until recently) is to have had the privilege of working in a community as supportive and real as the Key, with you and yours.

Being a monthly paper, we often get the opportunity to dig a little deeper and write a tad more. I have worked at a few other publications, but have never felt the support I have had working at the Key Peninsula News. Although we are a small nonprofit, we are only as mighty as our readers and advertisers. So, I thank you for that and will never forget what I have from you.

I am moving to Arizona next week and will miss my interactions with everyone on the Key Peninsula — as well as the folks living and working in Gig Harbor.

During my time as editor of the KP News, I have gotten to understand your concerns and have felt the strong pulse of the KP heart. This community is by far the most giving place I have ever encountered. People bend over backwards for each other, and do not mince words along the way.

Thank you for being my canvas for helping others, as well as sharing your news, views and advertising revenues. It’s been awesome, and my pleasure.

Wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t thank my band of volunteer and paid staff for putting out a solid product people can still coddle in this electronic age.

To the KP News bookkeeper, advertising reps, distribution crew, designer and paginator, to the KP News publishing board and board members of the Key Peninsula Civic Center, I appreciate your trust and cohesive team effort.

The KP News publishing board has hired Ted Olinger to replace me as executive editor.

Olinger is a longtime freelance writer and editor who has made the Key his home since the early ‘90s. He has a knack for listening and understanding, and has a heart and talent (and team) for keeping you informed well into the future.

I can’t wait to receive my first KP News subscription paper in the desert. It’s going to fun keeping tabs on my friends and businesses.