Thursday is a special day for many senior citizens around the Peninsula. Members of the Key Peninsula Senior Society and guests gather at the Key Peninsula Civic Center for their weekly potluck, socializing and game playing.

The group originated in 1979 and 10 years later had 100 members. Currently, they average 25 to 27 in attendance.

Virginia Adkisson, who has been a member for 20 years, lives in Silverdale. Her grandfather was the first and only druggist in Vaughn in the early days of the community.

Rose Malmgren, secretary, claims that this group is the best way for retired people to get acquainted in the community. She and husband Walt started coming shortly after moving to the area and soon made friends and found out more about the area. Helen Wolniewicz was elected president in 1986, within a year of her retirement and joining the organization.

A business meeting is held once eachmonth, and run by Robert’s Rules of Order, Malmgren notes. Meetings begin with the flag salute, and business includes noting birthdays, attendance and fund-raising.

A monthly party is held with the organization funding meat or main dish, coffee, napkins and decorations. Chuck Williamson has been chief cook for about 12 years, and Jim Blundell is chief dishwasher.

This year, the usual plant sale will not be held, but president Adkisson is asking for items to be added to her garage sale. Members contribute a 25-cent donation each week for coffee, etc.

The group contributes to Community House regularly and subscribes to copies of Senior Scene, which are available at their weekly gatherings.

Jim Nolan, longtime historian and publicity chairman who died in March, is greatly missed and will not be easily replaced.

Some members stay until 4 p.m. on Thursdays to play cards. Although a cribbage board and backgammon are available to the group, the usual game players are for Bridge, Pinochle, and Shanghai Rummy.

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