The Key Peninsula Historical Society (KPHS) and current owners of the former Vaughn Library Hall are pursuing possible preservation of one of the last remaining pre-1900 buildings on the Key Peninsula.

“The hall was originally built as the ‘bowery’dance floor for the July 4th celebration in 1889, the year of Washington statehood,”said Judy Mills, KPHS president

Walls and roof were added in 1893; a library was included in 1894 and extended into a separate room in 1926. It became the community center for the Vaughn area until the library was moved to the Key Peninsula Civic Center and the hall was sold as a private residence in the 1950s.

“As part of the process and in preparation for restoration, there is a need to obtain funding through a variety a resources that can be enhanced by becoming registered through national, Washington state and Pierce County registries,”Mills said. “Therefore, we need as much accurate history and documentation about the hall, its structure and activities that occurred there as possible.”

KPHS is asking people with past memories or pictures to help fill in the gaps of the timeline.

They have a list of questions they need answered. They want to know what historical events the public attended. What organizations used the hall? Did anyone visit the library? At what age did you go to the hall? Was the front porch on the hall?  Did you go up in the tower? Do you remember what color it was? Did your parents tell you any stories about their experiences at the hall?  Was there a basement in the hall?

Mills said the answers, including dates and times, are important to the preservation of the landmark which sits on a piece of property on Hall Road near the junction of Van Slyke Road.

“If you have pictures of the inside or outside or activities, we would be glad to scan them and return them to you,”Mills said.

Mills is hoping the community can help. Contact the Key Peninsula Historical Society at or by calling (253) 888-3246.