The students and teachers at Key Peninsula Middle School have taken a big technological step with the acquisition of 30 new computers in the school library and two sets of Google Chrome computers on a cart that can be wheeled from classroom to classroom.

And, according to Principal Jeri Goebel, the school will soon get “a huge new TV screen for the library, so if a teacher needs to have the whole class look at a YouTube video or some other teaching aid, they can put it on in the library and everyone can see it.”

The new library computers are also available for students to use during their lunch hour or other break times.

“They can search the internet for things that are interesting to them or use them for research or for their homework,”Goebel said.

Many KPMS teachers have set up Google documents for their classes, so students can log on to their personal school accounts and work on their lessons, she added.

“Even though the bonds didn’t pass, the school district is still moving forward and updating our technology,”Goebel said. “And here at KPMS, we really appreciate that.”