Lakebay Marina owner Mark Scott withdrew his application to the Pierce County Landmarks and Historical Preservation Commission for the Lakebay Marina, once known as the Washington Co-Operative Egg & Poultry Association Lakebay Station, just prior to the scheduled Nov. 21 hearing, which had been fast-tracked for approval before the New Year.

“Mr. Scott pursued this application for quite a while,” said Ty Booth, Pierce County planning and land use senior planner. “The current staff has not seen an application such as this pulled in recent memory.”

The distinction of this landmark designation was pursued by Scott with the assistance of local volunteer Catherine Williams, who authored the application. Approval would have potentially qualified the marina for grant funding to offset the additional costs of work to specific historical preservation standards, which usually increases the overall expense of a project.

“We were disappointed to see the completed application tabled; however, it is certainly conceivable for Mr. Scott to move forward with the historic designation for the Poultry & Egg Co-Operative should his current plans to permanently close the Lakebay Marina change tacks,” said Pierce County Councilman Derek Young, whose office supported the application.

Scott could not be reached for comment.