Following a complaint to Pierce County, parts of the Lakebay Marina are closed and in need of expensive structural repair. Photo by Sara Thompson, KP News

According to Lakebay Marina owner Mark Scott, Key Peninsula residents and local boaters have been thrilled to have the Lakebay Marina back in business he reopened the landmark spot in 2013.

This summer there was a setback.

Following a Beatniks concert in mid-July, Scott said someone called Pierce County expressing concerns about the pier. The county Planning and Land Services sent an inspector, who declared the pier supporting the café and outdoor picnic area to be unsafe. A barrier was erected and the café will be closed until further notice.

Scott had an engineer assess and draw up plans for the repairs. He said just a few of the 42 pilings need replacing at this time, but it is expensive work. The initial bid was for about $150,000, and the county then told him that additional lateral support for earthquake safety would be required. Those plans have been submitted and he is awaiting approval. He expects that the additional work will increase the cost significantly, and will also impact the historic architecture of the pier.

“It is frustrating,” Scott said. “We were really just taking off this summer and I have been planning to steadily make the improvements and repairs that are needed. The café is really an anchor in this community and I want to see it here for many years to come.”

He also pointed out that eight employees lost their jobs as a result of the closure.

When asked what his next steps will be, he said he will keep everyone updated on the Lakebay Marina Resort Facebook page. He plans to start a community-based funding campaign for the current repairs.

In addition, he is developing a strategy to get historic landmark status (at a local or a national level), which may help with future fundraising needs. Scott said that support with letters would be very helpful, and he will post details about whom to contact as soon as he has completed the plan.

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