The Key Peninsula Land Use Advisory Commission (LUAC) plays a critical role in development taking place on our almost-island in South Puget Sound.

Those with an interest in knowing more and having a voice might consider joining. There are currently two vacancies.

LUAC meets monthly and until recently the group has reviewed all permits for building and shoreline use on the Key Peninsula.

In March 2014 a two-year pilot program began; routine permits are reviewed and approved by county staff allowing the LUAC to focus on applications for more comprehensive projects. During this period the membership expanded from nine to 12 members, with four appointments to be made from the Key Peninsula Community Council (KPC).

Meetings are held monthly at 6:30 p.m on the third Wednesday of each month in the Key Center Library. They are open to the public.

Chuck West is serving his second term, all others are serving first terms. Reappointment is not automatic. Those with terms ending in March 2016 are members of the KPC and terms end when the pilot program is over. Current members:

Chuck West, Chair (10/2014)

Tara Froode, Vice-chair (10/2015)

Audra Garcia (3/2016)

Domoni Glass (10/2016)

Marcia Harris (3/2016)

Dwight Hartman (10/2014)

Mark Nelson (10/2017)

Don Swensen (10/2016)

Dan Scott (10/2015)

Cindy Worden (3/2016)

Applications are available online at for those interested in serving as citizens at large. Once received, the application is reviewed for recommendation by the Pierce County Executive and presented for approval to the Pierce County Council. Terms are for four years and members can serve up to two terms.