I would like to clarify the legacy of the Bischoff Food Bank.

It was started 10 years ago by Mr. Ross Bischoff, a member of the Key Peninsula Lutheran Church. His daughter Carol is still an honored volunteer working for the clients of this food bank.

Under the care of our wonderful director, the Bischoff Food Bank grew. We even received a shiny award for being the best in the northwest…food bank, that is.

However, this growth became too disruptive for the Lutheran Church, so FISH Food Bank of Pierce County helped us to relocate to Key Center. When they could not renew that lease, the Bischoff Food Bank had to move again to our present location at 1916 KPN near the Home fire station.

The Key Peninsula has different issues than big cities like Tacoma.

There is no public transportation, and there are fewer jobs and lower pay scales. Still, the gas and electric and food cost the same.

The Bischoff food bank serves many homeless clients. People who are so far off the grid, even welfare can not reach them. However, the majority of our clientele are the “working poor.” These people earn just enough money so they don’t qualify for DSHS help. Often they work more than one job and still have to choose between buying a gallon of gas to get to work or a gallon of milk for their children.

These clients are the reason we are open five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday from 2 to 6 p.m., when they can receive commodities and produce once a week. Although we are limited on meat and dairy right now, we are blessed with great amounts of bread and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Working at Bischoff is not a “job” because no one receives a salary. That is why all the volunteers of the Bischoff Food Bank would like to thank the businesses and generous people of the Key Peninsula for their donations. It is truly neighbor-helping-neighbor.
Monika Verstrate