An abundance of fresh food on the KP

In a world where our food has become a toxic, inadequate version of what it once was, it’s no wonder there has been a push for organic, locally grown food in recent years.

We are fortunate on the KP. We have local, fresh, organic food all around us. Between our neighbors and locally owned businesses, we have all the resources we need to feed ourselves a high-quality diet.

Here on the KP, we can buy fresh eggs and raw honey from our neighbors. We are surrounded by fresh, organic produce, whether it is from our neighbor’s garden, a local co-op or a fruit stand. Our local grocery stores on the KP and in Gig Harbor offer plenty of organic options.

When you buy local and organic, you support your neighbors and local economy. You eliminate pollution from transportation and factory farms. You avoid harmful pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and GMOs. You consume healthier food, which results in a healthier body.

The following is a list of local businesses and farms where you can buy everything from raw milk and fresh-baked bread to organic produce and soap. It is by no means a complete list, but is a great starting point.

Local Raw Honey

The Bee Lady, Chanetta Ludwig, (253) 298-2226, located south of Key Center: honey, bee pollen, beeswax, soap, lotion, lip balm and candles.

Maychen’s Honey, (360) 801-5696, Port Orchard: honey, beeswax, candles, soap, moisturizer and lip balm.

Fresh Eggs

Swainston Homestead, $3/dozen, (253) 884-9973,

Sunny Key Farm, $3/dozen, one mile south of Key Center.

Bill Fold Farm, (253) 857-4127, 302 and 94th.

Bea’s Flowers, (253) 857-7566, 118th and Creviston.

There is a long list of your neighbors who sell their eggs on the Key Peninsula, WA Facebook page.


Fessler Farms, 15610 92nd St KP N, Key Center, (253) 509-9995, Milkman service that delivers raw, organic milk and other groceries right to your door.


3 Clouds Bakery, located inside of Ravensara, 302 and 118th, (253) 853-3349, bread and pastries baked fresh daily.


Fresh Food Revolution Co-Op, 17010 South Vaughn Road KPN, Become a member of this KP-based co-op and pick up local produce every Wednesday from 4-5:30 p.m.

Local Boys Fruit stand, 6702 Tyee Dr NW, Gig Harbor (at the Purdy Spit) (253) 858-5355: local produce and homemade preserves. Although not certified organic, their produce is grown using organic methods.

Swainston Homestead, (253) 884-9973,, organic produce.

Bill Fold Farm, (253) 857-4127, 302 and 94th, organically grown produce.


Ray’s Meat Market, 6702 Tyee Drive NW, Gig Harbor (at the Purdy Spit next to Local Boys), (253) 432-4241: beef.

Swainston Homestead, (253) 884-9973, chickens, goats, turkey.

Bill Fold Farm, (253) 857-4127, 302 and 94th: pork.

Monica Rakowski owns KP Indoor Garden Store in Key Center and blogs at

Living Close to Nature
Living Close to Nature