Last month, rows of Model A Fords lined the Longbranch farm property of Fred Leenstra. Photo By Hugh McMillan

The Model A Ford Convention of America took place on a very warm, sun-drenched day on the Key Peninsula, July 16.

The vehicles, 160 in all, assembled at the Puyallup Fairgrounds, and to the delight of surprised onlookers, ultimately proceeded down the Key Peninsula Highway to the farm and “old iron and car collection” of Fred Leenstra in Longbranch.

The Fords (originally built in the early 1900s) came from all over.

One couple drove from North Carolina via a circuitous route they said ate up 5,376 miles. Another couple had their Model A shipped from their home in New Zealand. Many were from the three West Coast states. At least one was from Alberta, Canada.

Most all of the vehicles appeared to have been driven off the showroom floor.

Attendees compared notes, ogled one another’s cars, did some repair work and all assembled at tables on the farm’s lawn for an outdoor buffet lunch catered by Warthog BBQ Pit of Fife.

Following lunch, a tour of the farm and enjoying the spectacular view of Puget Sound with Mount Rainier on the horizon, one by one they moved on their way and the farm returned to normal before nightfall.

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