Monday, Aug. 17, at the Home fire station, the main speaker was Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Lindquist.

He was at a well-attended meeting sponsored by the Key Peninsula Democrats Club, which is open to anyone of any political persuasion.

Lindquist discussed a variety of subjects ranging from the pressures law enforcement officials face (thanks to reported alleged police excesses in other parts of our country), to the mechanics of his office’s dealings with the judicial system. He also spoke about the admissibility and non admissibility of evidence in cases before the courts, as well as local issues –– including reports of recall efforts by some citizens against him.

According to many in attendance, he dealt with all issues openly, professionally and succinctly and fielded questions for some 45 minutes.

The KP Democrats Club invites the public to attend these informative sessions the third Monday of each month at the Key Peninsula fire station in Home at 7 p.m.

For information, call (253) 853-2721 or (253) 884-3319.