The special MPD election May 18 will have two separate questions on the ballot. The first question will ask whether a Key Peninsula Metropolitan Park District should be created and the second will contain the candidates’ names.

Voter pamphlets will be mailed out by the first week of May and posted online on the Pierce County’s Web site. Absentee ballots must be postmarked by May 18 and will also be accepted at any of the polling locations.

A simple majority of “yes” votes (more than 50 percent of those who vote) is needed to pass the MPD. For each of the five contested positions, only the candidates with the highest votes will be elected. Of the five newly elected commissioners, the two with the most votes will receive five-year terms, the next two with the most votes will receive three-year terms and the person with the least votes will receive a one-year term.

For more information, call the county auditor at 798-7427 or visit the county Web site According to elections staff, the results of the vote will be posted online as ballots are counted, and will be officially certified about a week after the election.