Minter Creek Elementary’s annual Grandparents’ Day in mid-February was such a huge success, cars were everywhere around the building and some had to walk the equivalent of two city blocks to join the fun.

In addition to accompanying grandparents on a tour of the facility, the kids staged the main event in the gymnasium which, with students seated on the floor, was jammed with an audience that flowed
out into the halls and entrances.

The main event was a large chorus of first graders clad in “cow” costumes and masks singing and moving to what were officially declared to be “Mooooo songs.” One lady enthusiastically described the performance as “adorable.”

It was so good that after everything had ended, the gym emptied and everyone was munching cookies, cupcakes and drinking lemonade provided by Victoria Hawkins and the PTA, on learning that someone had missed the performance, the kids reassembled from their classrooms, recostumed, and joyfully exploded with an encore performance.

Principal Steve Leitz said, “We plan to contact the dairy industry to provide a video we’ve made of this and hope that it will be included in one of their ‘Got Milk’ promotions. Wouldn’t that be great?”

Thirteen wonderful performances in all included renditions of “A, You’re Adorable,” “The Candy Man,” a piano and cello duo with “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah,” and a recorder trio that performed the theme music from “Titanic.”

The walls of the gymnasium were adorned with the work of student artists’ portrait renditions of their grandparents. Some were even rather recognizable.