Nathaniel and Shelby Maddux, transplants from Missouri less than a year ago, are growing their businesses at Home.

Nathaniel’s company, called SquaWkBox Media, specializes in web production and design. Shelby’s business is called Red Filter Photography.

They met at College of the Ozarks, where Nathaniel majored in history and education. Shelby’s degree is in mass communication, with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in speech communication.

He grew up on a 1,000-acre cattle ranch. She lived in a town where her father was a university professor.

Nathaniel’s previous job was insurance agent in a small town where more than 80 percent of employment was with large boat factories. Shelby was the mayor’s administrative assistant, then a paralegal for his attorney son.
When the recession hit, the area experienced 30 percent unemployment. The Madduxes decided last year it was a good time to move elsewhere.

The couple had toured the Olympic Peninsula on their honeymoon five years ago and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. They envisioned living in Seattle or Portland but through fortunate circumstances, found a home on the Key Peninsula with a view of Mount Rainier.

Nathaniel deals in digital marketing with websites and videos.

“There’s a huge amount of technology that small businesses can utilize, but simply don’t know how to tap into it,” he says. “That’s where I come in.”

Shelby is a professional photographer; her specialties are family, children and weddings.

“Kids grow up so quickly, it’s important to preserve those freckled faces and crooked smiles,” she says, adding, “Graduations and weddings come up fast.”

They have worked with companies and individuals in Seattle, Portland and smaller places in the state, including Gig Harbor, Vashon Island and Ocean Shores.

Nathaniel is interested in making a historical documentary about the Olympic Peninsula to be used in elementary curriculums. He notes there’s a lot of information about Mount Rainier but not much on the Olympic Peninsula.

He plays several instruments and wrote, recorded and produced “Ozark Roots,” a collection based on his experiences in the Ozark hills. He is also involved with music programs at their church, Mars Hill.

They’ve taken many photos and videos at both Penrose and Joemma Beach state parks and are eager to see more of the Key Peninsula places and people.

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