The new Key Peninsula News website goes live Aug. 1, with new features, a new look and a soon-to-be-completed archive that includes every article the KP News has published since 2004 in one place. We are also digitizing and archiving every hardcopy edition of the News in our library, all the way back to The Key Peninsula Newsletter of November 1982 (so far).

In addition to providing easy access to news, photos and history, the site features an interactive Community Calendar. It’s easy to add your event to the calendar, including the who, what, where and when, and to make changes later. The same information will be printed in the Community Calendar in the appropriate month.

There will also be opportunities to for businesses to advertise special events, sales or celebrations in our online ad gallery, whether as part of a print ad package or standalone digital ad.

The new website was built from the ground up by local artist and KP News columnist and now webmaster Joseph Pentheroudakis, and was made possible by a generous grant from our friends at The Angel Guild as part of their ongoing support of the Key Peninsula community.

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