Myself along with some other wonderful folks started No HRC to oppose the construction of Hope Recovery Center (HRC). 

We understand there is a need for treatment facilities not only in Pierce County but also throughout the state. However, we also recognize that such facilities create lasting impacts in the communities where they are built—even more so in a rural residential area (zoned R-10), like the one HRC is proposing to build in. 

Some might ask why, with the local drug problems we face, one of our neighborhoods shouldn’t bear the impact of constructing and operating a massive drug and alcohol treatment center. The answer is because that neighborhood will not be the direct beneficiary of the facility. 

Think of the nearest fire station to your home. If that station took most of its calls to Belfair or Gig Harbor, your neighborhood would no longer be the majority beneficiary of the fire station. But it would continue to be the most impacted by sirens, speeding trucks and so forth. 

HRC intends to operate as a regional center, taking patients from all over the state. To ask a small rural neighborhood to bear that impact is wrong. If HRC would like to build on the Key Peninsula, we believe it should be in one of the two appropriate zoned rural activity centers here: Key Center or Lake Kathryn Village. This would lessen the impacts on our neighborhoods and community overall. That’s not NIMBYism; that’s doing what is right. 

Caleb Lystad