I would like to offer a clarifying statement regarding the position of the No HRC group in light of some of the comments about my opinion column. (See Keep the KP Rural—No HRC, March 2019.)

We support folks getting the help needed to live healthy, productive, substance-free lives. For many this means treatment from health care professionals trained to provide the care needed to overcome both addiction and mental health issues. This is in no way antithetical to our No HRC stance: We do not object to the stated goals of HRC, we object to the proposed location. 

Can we not help those in need while at the same time safeguarding our rural lands and way of life? I think we can. 

I often think of The Mustard Seed Project. Once they complete the assisted living facility, folks will have the option of continuing to live in their community while receiving the help needed to live with dignity. In a community where 35 percent of the population is over 65, the services they provide are invaluable. 

However, in spite of the growing need of such facilities, The Mustard Seed Project still had to work within the boundaries of the zoning codes. They raised enough funds to purchase land in Key Center in order to comply with KP zoning laws. 

We are asking HRC to look to the example set by these dedicated leaders and follow suit.

Caleb Lystad, Lakebay