The North Bay Kayak Park is located on the water side of State Route 3, just past Allyn, before Sherwood Creek Bridge. This area was a swimming hole many years ago. It recently received an extreme makeover and cleanup, and now offers a sandy beach, a kayak launch, an ADA-approved path, and has an ADA accessible restroom. The park, which celebrated its grand opening in May, will be open most of the year.

“[It’s] kind of great to bring it back, full circle, to the public again,” said Bonnie Knight, executive director of the Port of Allyn.

Allyn resident Sara Germaine walked to the park with her 19-month-old daughter, Ruby, in a stroller.

“(I’m) really glad that this park is here,” Germaine told Knight. “I’ll bring my kids down to build sand castles…I can’t thank you enough.”