Photo: Colleen Slater, KP News

Blooming fuchsias welcomed people outside and in as the Lakebay Fuchsia Society (LBFS) and Olympia Fuchsia Society hosted the Northwest Fuchsia Society (NWFS) at the KP Civic Center. Over 100 members and guests gathered to enjoy conversation, shopping, lunch and competitions.

NWFS consists of approximately 26 clubs extending from southern Canada south to California. It was formed in 1983 by Seattle clubs bothered by the restrictions of the American Fuchsia Society.

LBFS President Peggy Gablehouse said they host the gathering every seven years. The host group provides desserts, rolls and beverages. Visitors bring salads.

Barbara Rowland, LBFS treasurer, chaired the event with the theme “Color My World.” The tables were done in purple, bright pink, yellow, blue and green with the accompanying plates, napkins and centerpiece wrappers color-coordinated. Ginnie Aardal, LBFS secretary, created centerpieces of cut fuchsias and greenery from her garden. Tammy Brown finished the tables with an encliandra (miniature fuchsia) for each guest.

The stage was decorated with fundraising items from various groups and a few vendors had tables of assorted gift items for purchase.

A photo contest requesting visitor voting garnered a trophy each for Jerry VanNoy and Betty Foster. Kim Wiley won two awards for the photo contest.  All are LBFS members.

Sharon and Loyd Miller, who recently moved to Tacoma, joined the festivities. Sharon organized the Lakebay group in 1995 soon after they moved to the Key Peninsula. There are no charter members left, but “almost” charter members Ginnie Aardal, Frank and Myvanwy Shirley are still involved.

The Lakebay Fuchsia Society meets the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. in the KPCC Whitmore Room. Visitors and new members are welcome. Dues are $20 per person or $25 for a married couple.