The Key Peninsula’s local district is currently in the process of acquiring the Purdy Spit Park from Pierce County.

“The Peninsula area recently formed their own district — the Key Peninsula Metro Parks District,” Skip Ferrucci, superintendent of parks for the county, said. “They created their own tax base to have and support the Spit and areas like it, and we think those areas are better served in local hands.”

Scott Gallacher, director of the KP’s park district, hopes the local district will be able to acquire the park next year, but at the moment the district is “proceeding carefully.”

“We’re still a small district and we’re being careful about any additional liabilities, like the (old Wauna) post office,” Gallacher said. “There’s also some legal litigation with the geoducks.”

Before assuming responsibility for the spit, the metro district requested that Pierce County Parks demolish the building.

“It’s a hazard,” Ferrucci said, “and was lifted from the historical landmark register.”

According to Ferrucci, demolition of the building may begin in late spring or summer.

“The bidding for contractors might take about a month and a half,” Ferrucci said, adding that obtaining a permit will take the most time.

While metro district commissioners want to take care of the post office and the legal issues related to the geoducks before they take over the spit, both park districts are still working out the details of the deal.

“Conditions we’d attach are that the land remain for public and park use,” Ferrucci said. “Other than that I’m not really sure. That will be worked out, but we haven’t gotten that far yet.”

Kristine Shultze is a Peninsula High School intern for KP News.

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