I am a gun owner and I commend Ted Olinger’s column about reducing gun violence (“I Like Guns, But…” KP News, September 2019).  

Nearly 40,000 annual deaths (and 100,000 injuries) is a lot of people dying or getting hurt because a handful feel that without guns they are not safe. The facts speak differently. More guns and more gun access have produced more gun deaths and injuries. The fact is less than 3 percent of all gun deaths are prevented by a good guy with a gun.

Guns should be handled like any other public safety threat. Two simple steps can help: (1) Universal background checks for all gun sales and (2) banning military style assault weapons in civilian hands. Weapons with a high rate of fire, high muzzle velocity and high capacity magazines have no place in civil society.  

We’ve already lost far too many people to gun mania in America because leaders don’t lead. “Thoughts and prayers” come from political paralysis due to fears of the gun lobby. Our political leaders need to start leading instead of cowering. Take the two steps that protect public safety and Second Amendment rights.

Curt Scott, Lt. Colonel USAF (Ret.), Home