Under the guidance of Key Peninsula Metro Parks executive director Scott Gallacher, an enthusiastic gathering of volunteers spruces up Home Park. Photo: Hugh McMillan, KP News

Volunteers showed up at area parks April 24 for Parks Appreciation Day.

They helped make trails on the Key Pen Parks 360 property, spread beauty bark at Home Park, picked up trash at Rocky Creek Park and pruned apple trees on the property of the Key Peninsula Civic Center.

The workers enjoyed some sunshine and a few downpours, but the local parks were cleaned up and ready for the many visitors that will use them.

About 50 people turned out to help with Key Pen Park’s newly acquired 360 Park property.

They connected three different trails in the middle of the park with the outside perimeter trail.

About 30 were on the grounds of the Key Peninsula Civic Center pruning and weeding, including Boy Scout Troop 220.