Three burglaries at the Key Center Peninsula market occurred over the past few months, however the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department had record of only one of the break-ins.

Replacing a broken window with laminated glass failed to deter burglars, so the store plans to enhance its security.

At press time, bids were being accepted for the installation of barred doors, which will be closed at night and prevent access from breaking the glass.

According to Jim Raymond, the store’s manager, these doors must be childproof. “I’m assuming the thieves are smaller and younger,” he said, “because they’ve taken cigarettes predominantly…$250 worth this past time.”

Andrea Jerabek with Safe Streets said she was unaware of the break-ins, but that she would look into it.

Raymond said the store’s owner, Don Stoltz, authorized the expense of installing new doors to protect the store’s inventory against future break-ins. “I don’t see it getting any better,” he said, referring to current economic conditions.

When asked if he had a message for the thieves, Raymond said, “I hope they’re considering the outcome of their actions. Stealing cigarettes, or any theft, puts a black mark on their record. It’s tough enough to get a job these days. Any employer will see that black mark and move on to other people (to hire).”