Communities In Schools of Peninsula board member and volunteer mentor Dick Vanberg, center, of Gig Harbor received the sixth annual Hugh McMillan Award from Hugh McMillan, left, and Superintendent Rob Manahan, right, Aug. 24 during the Peninsula School District’s Partners in Learning event hosted by the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce. Vanberg has served as a volunteer mentor at Vaughn Elementary School for 14 years. “Dick is one of those volunteers that the kids just gravitate toward because he is respectful, kind and has a great sense of humor,” said CISP Volunteer Coordinator Cathy Rich. Photo courtesy CISP


Tacoma Power workers installed bird deterrents on the towers on Purdy Spit in September in preparation for the removal of the towers later this year. Tacoma Power does not want birds living in nests when it is time to remove the towers in the future. The four existing towers, straddling Purdy Spit and in the Burley Lagoon, are over 90 years old and have exceeded their life expectancy. An additional tower will be built in the lagoon with a platform for a raptor nest. Cranes will be mounted on barges to remove the towers and avoid disrupting traffic on the Purdy Spit. There are no planned lane reductions or road closures anticipated. Construction on the new, taller single-pole towers should start in late 2017 and be completed in the summer of 2018. Don Tjossem, KP News