The schools levy and bond issues on the August ballot are a hot interest to many. Here is the latest information:


To be on the August Primary ballot, the levy and bond resolutions must be filed with the auditors office by May 9, which will be a very busy day for the prosecuting attorney who must, on May 9, also prepare the ballot title and explanatory statement for the Voters’ Guide.

May 9 is also the deadline for the Peninsula School District to appoint the persons writing the pro and con statements. If appointments are not made by May 9, then the responsibility defaults to the Auditor.

The “for” and “against” statements must be filed by May 13, by the persons appointed. If not filed on time, the related statement will not appear in the voters’ pamphlet. The rebuttal statements must be filed by May 15.

The Auditor mails the Voters’ Pamphlet to registered voters on July 11, and the ballots on July 18. Election day is Aug. 5.

 Committee supporting bond and levy

A committee in support of the bond and levy measures has been formed under the name Stand Up for Schools, with a website of

Shawna De Rosa is the communications chair and can be contacted at, or (253) 370-0281. De Rosa graduated from Peninsula High School in 1988, serves on a parent advisory committee for the school board and has children in first, fourth and eleventh grades.

Leslie Harbaugh is the committee chair and can be contacted at, or (253) 370-0281. Harbaugh has lived in Gig Harbor with a daughter who attended Kopachuck and Artondale, and is now a freshman at Gig Harbor High.

The committee will hold a kick-off rally on Saturday, May 10, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the Galaxy Theatres in Gig Harbor, 49949 Point Fosdick Drive, where they will explain the ballot issues and also how volunteers can get involved in promoting the issues.

 Committee opposing the ballot issues

A committee which supports the bond measure, but opposes the levy issue, has been formed under the name Citizens for Responsible School Spending, with a website of

Ken Manning is the committee chair. Manning is a commercial fisherman who has lived in Gig Harbor for 59 years. Manning’s children attended private schools, and he has one grandchild not yet of school age.

Jerry Gibbs is the committee treasurer. Gibbs is a civil service retiree from the Bremerton shipyard, who has no children.

The committee has no plans for any rallies or meetings.

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