As I drive around Key Peninsula, I see all these signs with “Save the KP, Stop HRC.” Initially I wondered what is Hillary Rodham Clinton doing here? Then I looked into this stop HRC thing. I would advise everyone to do the same. What I found is we have a huge addiction problem on the KP. Addiction is a disease, an illness. Treatment is the only way to cure any illness, no disease goes away unless treated.

After I spoke with Jeremiah Saucier, founder of Hope Recovery Center, I learned many things the opponents of HRC don’t want you to know. First HRC is needed on the KP where it is planned. As planned HRC will meet all zoning codes. Treatment for addiction must be available when and where it is needed. An addict will not travel far to seek a safe place to get treatment. It must be available where it is needed.

After I educated myself on the facts, I think a better sign would read “Save the KP, Support HRC.” Please look at the facts and I think you will support HRC where it’s planned, where it should be.

Allen A. Yanity, Lakebay