Each of Washington’s 295 local school districts has its own elected board. Every local school district is part of a statewide system. School districts are “subdivisions” of the state; as such, each school district board of directors derives its authority from state law.

Under state law, “each common school district board of directors shall be vested with the final responsibility for the setting of policies ensuring quality in the content and extent of its educational program and that such program provides students with the opportunity to achieve those skills which are generally recognized as requisite to learning.”

In most districts, about 67 percent of households don’t have children. On the Key Peninsula, it’s 80 percent.

The Peninsula School District is divided into five districts. Each of the five board directors is elected to a four-year term. Voters cast votes for all directors, but each director represents a specific district.

District 1 covers most of the Key Peninsula. District 2 includes the northernmost KP from the Minter area to Purdy and Canterwood. District 3 includes Rosedale and Maplewood. District 4 encompasses Wollochet. District 5 covers Artondale and Fox Island.

Two director positions are open this year: Districts 2 and 5.

Incumbent Deborah Krishnadasan is running unopposed for her position in District 2.

Incumbent David Olson and challenger Noelle Balliett are competing for the position in District 5.

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