We are the Peninsula School District bus drivers. We are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.

Every morning we wake up early to start driving.

We pick up sleepy high school and middle schoolers, whose hormones keep them confused most days, and the elementary students who get on smiling and excited to show us the newest hole where that dangling tooth has finally come out. 

We comfort the kindergartner who boards the bus in the afternoon in tears because she misses her mommy. We are the bus drivers who reassure her that mommy misses her too and will be at the stop waiting for her. We dry the tears from her cheeks and set her back into her seat.

We are the bus drivers who are constantly on high alert looking at every corner for the distracted and impatient drivers coming at us. Then there are the four-legged critters jumping out in front of us, and sometimes the two-legged ones as well.

We take our responsibilities very seriously. Most students respect us and I daresay some love us.

My hope is that the district will also respect us and increase our wages. 

Demaris Hendrix