How about some real school funding reform?

This is for all the parents who were soapboxing to persuade citizens to approve February’s PSD school bond labeled, “For the Kids.” Like kids can’t learn unless they’re in a pretty new building. I believe we all should pay base taxes for education, for education benefits all of us. 

I had no children in the school system but I have paid school taxes for over 40 years. Not once has a parent ever thanked me for helping to fund their children’s education. Instead of standing on the street corner waving signs, why aren’t parents lobbying the state legislature to devise a more equitable and consistent school funding system? 

How about a system where we all pay a base amount based on our property values, then individuals who have children in the school system are assessed an additional percentage, and with every additional child your percentage goes up? As they leave the system, your percentage goes down. 

This method would provide funds to build or rebuild schools as needed instead of relying on levies and bonds. This funding system would also provide an added tool for parents to calculate what it actually costs to educate their offspring. Taxpayers on fixed incomes and already paying high taxes—and I’m sure some on the brink of losing their properties—have to pay more out of their retirement income so you can save more of yours. 

Michael Ouellette, Lakebay

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