According to the redistricting plan presented to the Peninsula School Board on Nov. 13, there will be no impact on students residing on the Key Peninsula. The plan only affects elementary students attending schools on the Gig Harbor peninsula. 

There was no vote taken at the meeting, but Karen Anderson, the chief financial officer for the school district –– who has worked closely with the committee, the superintendent, and the school board on the issue –– does not expect any changes forthcoming that would affect the KP. 

The redistricting plan was driven by the heavy residential construction and growth currently being experienced in the Gig Harbor North area. Purdy Elementary, which would normally receive these new students, was already operating over its designed capacity. 

“The redistricting plan draws new boundaries in order to equalize the additional student load among the elementary schools on the Gig Harbor peninsula,” Anderson said. “The committee determined that it would be too upsetting to the communities to impose changes across the Purdy bridge.” 

Future discussions will determine how the individual schools will absorb the extra students, including whether additional portable classrooms will be required.