The Peninsula Seahawk basketball teams had both a good and bad night Jan. 23, in meeting Bonney Lake with the boys posting a 61-40 win, while the girls ended up on the short end of a 72-52 score.  The boy’s game saw 10 of the Hawks contributing to their winning total, while six of the Lady Hawks found the net in their losing cause.

On Jan. 20, the Peninsula boys had an easy time with White River, winning 64-35, while the girls let a close one slip away, the White River girls winning a close one, 58-56.


Meanwhile, Peninsula School District Swimming and Diving teams were off to a fine start, both the Peninsula Seahawks and the Gig Harbor Tides were undefeated in league competition as of Jan. 21.

Little League baseball

There was a hopeful sign of Spring on the horizon, as the KP Little League held registration for the 2009 season on Jan. 24.


PHS 30 White River 44

145- Sly (P) def Williams by dec. 2-0; 152- Oswalt (P) def Leckman by pin
4:35; 160- Madden (WR) def. Reichert by pin 3:16; 171- Russel (WR) def. Hein
by pin 1:16; 189 Davidson (P) def. Anderson by dec. 7-2; 215- Myers (WR)
def. Wehmier by pin 1:25;  285- Hamilton (P) def. Meaghar by pin :48;  103-
Geddes (WR) def. Border by pin 2:32;  112-  Lovelace (WR) def. Shohoadrov by
dec. 11-9;  119- Embly (P) def. Kelly by pin 2:27; 125- Boley (P) def.
Lonergan by pin 2:33; 130- Gurule (WR) def. Allen by pin 1:16; 135- Kavtzman
(WR) def. Elliott by pin 3:32; 140- Williams (WR) def. Henry by tech. fall.

Jan. 14

PHS 41 Sumner 36

160- Reichert (PHS) def Wilson by pin 2:52; 171- Groves (PHS) win by FF;
189- Davidson (PHS) win by FF; 215- Comstock (S) def Wehmeir by pin :17;
285- Tyner (S) win by FF; 103- Shohradov (PHS) win by FF; 112- Wright (PHS)
def Blake by pin :42; 119- Embly (PHS) win by FF; 125- Forha (S) def
Gonzales by pin 1:27; 130- Wooding (S) def Allen by pin 2:30; 135- Ghisiv
(S) def Elliott by pin 2:35; 140 Henry (PHS) def Hidalgo by maj. dec 15-0;
145- Ramirez (S) def Sly by dec. 10-4; 152- Bricker (S) def. Gomes by dec.
11-4.  Records: Peninsula 3-1 overaJan. 8

Franklin Pierce 39  Peninsula 33

130- Kuich (FP) def Allen by pin 1:34; 140 –Booth (FP) def Henry by major
decision 14-6; 152 – Sly (P) def Bloom by pin 5:31; 160 –Turner (FP) def
Oswalt by decision 5-2; 160 –Tentescner (FP) def Groves by pin 1:37; 171–
Roberts (FP) def Hein by pin 1:52; 189 – Mclarver (FP) def Davies by pin
3:37;  215 –Hamilton (P) def Fergusen-Curlow by pin :27; 285 – Davidson (P)
def Ryan by pin 3:13; 103 Shohoadov (P) def Bernth by pin :30; 112- Wright
(P) def Miller by decision 15-10; 119-Embly (P) forefiet;  125- Boly (P) def
Otey by decision 12-7.  Records: Peninsula 2-1 overall.


Hamilton scores again with his 27-second pin.  Four freshmen stepped up to
the mat and held their own.  Sophomore and first year wrestler Jake Boley
put on a great final match, which kept the PHS crowd cheering to the very

Walt Schmidt, a community icon, passes
Riparian habitat, ball field priorities for 2009