In addressing the SR302 traffic problems, our legislators and the DOT can be thankful that a number of lower cost options present themselves as alternatives to a reroute through Kitsap County.  SR302 has two existing parallel corridors at Spruce and Pine and strong two-lane arterials leading to them (Goodrich, 94th, 118th and perhaps an extension of 82nd) which, with a little improvement and new SR16 access at 144th or near Burley, can handle peak traffic flow and accommodate those who prefer alternative access to SR16.

The existing alternative diversions from SR302 to SR16 involve a six-to-nine mile detour (depending upon the point of measurement) roundtrip, about the cost of a Narrows Toll.  A reroute using one of the diagonal alternatives (Options 5,6 or 10) would save only a couple of miles of driving, would still only provide a secondary more time consuming and costly alternative to the shorter and quicker route through Purdy, and would only be used during peak periods.

During this especially tight budgetary cycle, our legislators and the DOT should improve the existing corridor and its feeders while providing safe and reasonable alternative access to SR16 for the residents on Goodrich, 94th, 118th, (perhaps 82nd if extended) and to other SR302 users during peak traffic periods.

Paul Alvestad, Gig Harbor