February 1, 2009
A man robbed the Wauna pharmacy by handing the pharmacist a note that stated he had a gun strapped to his leg.

February 1, 2009
Key Peninsula Veterans Institute members share in one huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who donated generously to our hospitalized military veterans.

February 1, 2009
The governor’s budget recommends the closure of Joemma Beach State Park.

January 1, 2009
The Hawks faced their first dual meet on home turf for the 2008/09 Season against Clover Park on Dec. 10.

January 1, 2009
Now more than ever, KP residents should take advantage of our state parks. They could be gone, and the saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got 'til it’s gone.

April 1, 2007
The Key Pen News has joined forces with the Key Peninsula Community Council and Shellfish Partners to sponsor a gathering at which Key Pen residents can learn more about the issues surrounding geoduck aquaculture on public and private tidelands.

February 1, 2007
With the city of Gig Harbor completing the design review for St. Anthony’s Hospital in Gig Harbor North, groundbreaking is expected in April or May.

December 1, 2005
A youth council organized under the umbrella of the KP Community Council launches first project: a youth needs survey.

November 1, 2005
New owners of the Longbranch Mercantile building run into challenges, ponder new options.

July 1, 2005
Seven director positions, from all districts, are up for elections in September; candidates are being sought.