I know one of the reasons my family moved to Gig Harbor was because of the outstanding public education system. To maintain this standard, our community needs to properly fund these schools.

Reasons why we should take part in this action are because our schools are overcrowded and need new technology.

There was a bond in 2014 proposed to fund the building of a new school; unfortunately, it failed. Many voters were concerned that this bond would greatly raise their taxes, when the increase was only around $1 per $1,000 of property value, gradually decreasing over 20 years. This new school would have helped the overcrowding problem we have today. One example is Purdy Elementary. There are 744 students in a 600 student building. This means the third grade classes are taught in portables disconnected from the school environment.

As new technology enters our world through robotics and engineering, the jobs for the next generation will change. We need to help prepare our students for those new jobs by keeping them up-to-date with technology. Things like iPads for elementary schools and robotic equipment for middle schools help prepare our students for their future.

Schools are a vital part of a community, and they need to be funded to keep them at high quality.

Support our schools for the greater good.

Audrey Krishnadasan

Harbor Ridge Middle School seventh-grader

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