An aerial view of Devil’s Head on the southern tip of the Key Peninsula shows the pristine beauty of the large piece of land. Photo: Mike Baum, Special to KP News

Key Pen Parks held a study session Aug. 9 to discuss Pierce County’s purchase of the Devil’s Head property on the southern tip of the Key Peninsula. Though Key Pen Parks will collaborate with Pierce County Parks in the future plans for the site, the board of commissioners said it is not in the best interest to add the property to the district at this time.

Kathy Kravit-Smith, director of Pierce County Parks and Recreation said the ultimate intention is to transfer Devils Head to another public agency at a future date, and the county intends to have a stewardship management plan regarding the property.

The stewardship plan will assess the current condition of the property, list the different plant and animal species on the property and develop a plan to conserve native species and eliminate invasive species.

This plan will be completed prior to any transfer to a public agency, she said.
Funding is the challenge, and Kravit-Smith said anyone interested in becoming a volunteer can contact her at Pierce County Parks.

Key Pen Parks Board of Commissioners said its priority is the Master Plan for Volunteer Park, and beyond that the development of Taylor Bay, 360 Regional Park, Minter Creek and Maple Hollow. These need to be addressed prior to acquisition of another property, the commissioners said.