Sunnycrest’s anniversary celebration will include visits by
gardening gurus Ed Hume and Piet Karsselboom. Photo by Colleen Slater

Would you like to know what the weather was like on a certain date within the last 30 years? Consult Dale or Claudia Loy of Sunnycrest Nursery. Twenty-five years ago, the Loys bought a small Key Center nursery from Sam Momii, who kept a daily record of the weather. The Loys continue that tradition. Interesting or important events are also noted in this journal.

The couple arrived from Sun Valley, Idaho, to be managers of the KP Civic Center in 1981. They wanted to find jobs they could advance in, and wanted their girls to grow up nearer the local relatives.

Soon after their arrival, Claudia met Momii, and one day asked if he’d ever consider selling his nursery. He said it was for sale. He wanted cash out, and the Loys couldn’t afford that. Several months later, Momii asked if Claudia was still interested, and they arranged a sale.

Dale and Claudia gradually added new products, and before long, leased property from her father, Don Olson, who built them the current nursery building. A florist shop and gift area were added, bit by bit.

They now serve second and third generations of customers, as well as the fourth generation of Claudia’s cousins. As one friend said, in the floral business, you “hatch, match, and dispatch,” providing flowers for newborns, weddings and funerals.

The best part of the business, Claudia says, is the people. She especially loves to be there when returning summer residents happen to meet and have “old home week” at the nursery.

Although the official 25th anniversary of the business was May 3, they will celebrate it on June 9 and 10. Ed Hume will answer questions and sign copies of his book at 2 p.m. on Saturday, and Piet Karsselboom of Monrovia Nurseries will talk about summer color on Sunday at 1 p.m.

Hot dogs and lemonade will be served both days from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., with door prizes and in-store specials. It’s the Loys’ way of thanking the community that’s supported them for 25 years.

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