On the Key Peninsula we have beautiful scenery, recreation, fishing, farming, many community groups, people helping people and so much more. But there is and has been a storm brewing behind this serenity. We’ve all seen it, heard about it and maybe experienced it.

“It” is the methamphetamine and heroin epidemic no one wants to talk about or address with a viable solution.

If you belong to any Facebook group from the area, you have seen complaints about thefts and burglaries, syringes and needles, suspicious people in areas they don’t belong, even people lying unconscious on the roadside.

We just can’t ignore the problem anymore.

KP resident Jeremiah Saucier, CDP, is trying to help by opening a drug and alcohol treatment facility on the Key Peninsula called Hope Recovery Center. It will be a nonprofit center that will not only treat addiction, but also provide life skills, training and education to help a person become whole again.

Many insurance companies pay only for limited days at a treatment center; Saucier wants to provide longer stays for patients and follow-up with outpatient treatment to help reduce the rate of relapse.

For more information, go to www.hope-recovery.org.


Colleen Mullen


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