Change is coming to the Key Peninsula. Jerry Davis, owner/operator of the Swap Meet, is changing his business beginning in January, to “Drive Thru Feed.”

He says, “This unique concept, ‘Drive Thru Feed,’ will allow shoppers to stay dry while they pick up feed for livestock (cattle, horses, pigs and chickens).” He says the change came because he is “such an animal kind of guy” and saw the need for it.

“Location, location, location,” says Davis of his property, at the corner of State Route 302 and Wright-Bliss Road. “It has the perfect zoning for this business.”

He has successfully negotiated with X-Cel, a leading wholesale feed distributor in the Northwest, “to provide high quality, economical feed at a reasonable cost.”

“I’ll eventually add a grain tower for bulk feed purchases,” he says. He is also working with Purina in hopes to add its line of dog and cat food in the near future.

Various charitable organizations will be able to use Davis’ visible and well-trafficked property for fund-raising activities like yard sales at no cost.

Later in the spring, Davis plans to add pens at the site for livestock owners to show and sell animals for a nominal daily fee. To welcome shoppers, Davis has an appropriate offer: For every $50 purchase, customers will be entered into a drawing for a new saddle.

Later, Davis plans to add a line of tack gear. “The hours of operation for ‘Drive Thru Feed’ are geared for working families, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., 7 days a week,” he says.