During her “Meet the Artist” reception at the Morso restaurant, in Gig Harbor, Longbranch artist Taylor Reed was spotted next to her oil paintings: Magnolia and Iron and Algae. Her work will be on display until Jan. 7. Photo by Hugh McMillan, KP News

At her “Meet the Artist” reception Nov. 22, Taylor Reed greeted guests and introduced them to some of the work at her solo exhibition: “All that Glitters,” at Morso restaurant in Gig Harbor.  

Her work will be on display there until Jan. 7.  

Among the many guests were her parents, Phil and Kathy Bauer. 

Reed, a photographer and oil painter, is originally from the Key Peninsula but has lived up and down the West Coast, from Alaska to Laguna Beach –– and now makes her home in Longbranch.   

“It really started with photography for me,” Reed said. “I fell in love with the viewfinder of the camera and the ability to create such perfect images within it. Quickly I began to see my photographic style translate into my paintings.”  

The exhibition displays both Reed’s photography and oil painting.  

“Over the years I have been torn between my two loves, photography and painting, but have come to a place where I can really enjoy both worlds letting them play back and forth off of each other,” she said  

Reed graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, having a focus on environmental paintings from Laguna College of Art and Design, Laguna Beach, Calif.  

She can be reached at taylorreedart.com.

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