KPCC Past President Phil Bauer and tennis instructor Rick
Johnson are evaluating the problems associate with rotating the tennis courts 90 degrees to get away from the afternoon sun. Photo courtesy Ben Thompson

Work has begun to renovate the two rundown tennis courts at the Civic Center in Vaughn. In May, “foreman” Phil Bauer (that’s what his crew called him) put KPCC President Ben Thompson and volunteer Rufus Clark to work tearing down the old wire netting, bracing post corners with new wood, and creating a new center entrance to the courts. The plan is to level all the support posts to 10 feet in height, paint them, and top them all with wood post caps prior to hanging new wire fencing.

Tennis instructor Rick Johnson will resurface the courts green with red striping, according to Bauer. People who remember the sun in their eyes when they played there before will be in for a surprise, as Johnson is rotating the striping and nets so the courts will be facing north/south rather than east/west. “It will be a real nice facility for folks who play tennis or want to learn to play,” Bauer said. All the work is being done by volunteers referring to themselves as the “KP Civic Center Tennis Court Renovation Committee.”

Rufus Clark, the primary mover and shaker behind the renovation project. Photo by Ben Thompson

Eager to get the project underway, Clark fronted funding for materials, including fencing, which has already been purchased. The workforce behind this gift to the community is asking for the support and assistance of KP residents. They could use help in continuing and completing the project, and have a goal of raising $10,000 to both repay their generous benefactors, and finish the courts according to their vision.

All donations will be used for materials directly related to court-refurbishing. Tax-deductible contribution letters will be provided for donors at all levels. Volunteers have established three levels of donation: supporting members at $50, contributing members at $100 (receive a named brick on the walkway), and sponsor level at $500 (name engraved on an entrance plaque). Donations should be made payable to: Key Peninsula Civic Center Association (KPCCA); organizers say any amount above or below the suggested rate will be gratefully accepted for this worthwhile community project. The courts are open to the public at no charge.

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