A DNR helicopter lifts water from Case Inlet to fight a wilderness fire Aug. 1 off Herron Road near 200th Avenue KPS. It started when an unattended refuse fire spread. “The homeowner will be receiving a substantial invoice,” said KP Fire Chief Guy Allen. Photo: Rick Price


It may not come as a big surprise to you, but we on the Key Peninsula have one of the best fire departments around. Veteran Chief Guy Allen leads a staff of dedicated professional and volunteer staff at Key Peninsula Fire District 16 and marshals their resources with skill and creativity.

My wife and I and all our neighbors were lucky to have their response to the 200th Avenue brush fire early in August. This fire, caused by a foolish action by an unthinking neighbor, was hard to locate and difficult to fight, back in the woods by our house on a private dirt road in heavily forested area. Their crews fought this fire carefully and systematically for days with the assistance of a helicopter lifting water, several other fire crews, a prison work crew, DNR staff and many others.

We were lucky there was little wind that hot week. The future suggests we may not be as lucky, so I implore all of you to be careful with any outdoor fires and pay attention to burn bans. They are there for a reason.

Mark Nelson