Each month when the KP News arrives, I read it cover-to-cover and then say, “Wow.” I am so grateful to have this local source that lets me know what is going on in my community with not just straight news but analysis as well. 

For instance, the article on the transient boaters in Henderson Bay contained so much greater breadth and depth of info than I saw anywhere else on this topic (“Henderson Bay Drowning Puts Light on Transient Boaters and Liveaboard Laws,” KP News, January 2019). As a resident along Burley Lagoon who experienced the search helicopters overhead until midnight on Dec. 28, you can be sure that I wanted to know the facts behind the story and the outcome. Thank you for doing that so completely, even including the picture of the two survivors on their boat, which was probably not easy to get.

I also am in awe that you continue to deliver the KP News to every household in the service area for free. I assume that is a testament both to the value of your service that brings advertisers and donors, and to your dedicated writers and volunteers. We are all part of the same community, which we highly value.

Finally, I looked tonight at your website for the first time in a long while. It also gets a “wow” for being very attractive and easy to navigate. Perfect companion to your print edition. Thank you.

Marsha Williams